London Dry Gin by Botanical Club (1 litro)

London Dry Gin by Botanical Club (1 litro)

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Size - 1 Liter

Choosing the botanicals through a series of experiments and different batches, back in 2015 we created a really interesting gin. It was originally called “Spleen and Ideal”, while "The Big Charlie" is the name of the 150 liter alembic which dominates the bar in via Pastrengo - the historical site.
It is distilled from organic alcohol, made from high quality italian grain and juniper from Umbria, mixed and blended with the botanicals chosen from carefully selected suppliers. 
At the end of 2019, we moved part of the production in Umbria, where Anonima Distillazioni has a "Big Charlie" twin and where they distill Botanical Club Gin following the original recipe but with a super efficient London Dry system.

Botanicals: Italian juniper berries, lime, mandarin, cardamom, rose petals, Iris roots

47% Vol.