Bruxo No.2 - Pechuga de Maguey

Bruxo No.2 - Pechuga de Maguey

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Bruxo No. 2 is not a typical Pechuga.  Unlike almost every other Mezcal going by this name, Bruxo No. 2 contains no meat.  The signature chicken breast of other Pechugas is not present in this Mezcal.  That said, this is still a wonderful Mezcal that just happens to have slightly confusing name.  Instead of the chicken breast traditionally used in other Pechugas, this Mezcal is referring to the breast of the Maguey. After distilling their classic Espadin, the Pechuga de Maguey is steeped for several days with freshly roasted agave that are split down the middle to expose the heart (or breast) of the plant. This Mezcal has rich sweet flavors of roasted agave with a subtle smokiness. The color is slightly off clear due to the infusion of agave “breast.”

Drink it neat, or on the rocks. 
Very enjoyable also in cocktails.

46% Vol.